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About Us

About Us

´Folia´is Latin for leaves or paper leaves. Paper is a simple and renewable material. However it is also a complex manufactured polymer composed of cellulose that can be manufactured into a physical filter with controlled pore size at industrial scale. ´Folia Water´simply means Leaves Water, or Paper Water. Folia will create, define, and dominate a new $1B+ category: FMCG water filters.

We are bringing material innovation, human-centric product design, and an FMCG market approach to solve the global safe drinking water problem. Of 3 billion working-class people, 2.1 billion drink contaminated water, causing 50% of hospitalizations and 6% of deaths in low-income countries. Inadequate groundwater management, hygiene, and sanitation practices at the household level, result in waterborne diseases including diarrhea, impose physical and economic burden, and challenge overall livelihood. Hence, we believe that the largest drinking water problem globally is germs in the water at the point of consumption.

Proprietary market research in Bangladesh showed 90% of working-class people are aware of the problem and solutions, but only 10% can afford $40 treatment, and those appliances are typically unavailable in rural contexts that lack clean water.

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We are the leaders in the building industries and factories. We're word wide. We never give up on the challenges.

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