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Future plans

Future plans

Folia Water is currently working to establish a retail-based business model in Bangladesh, along with community activations and marketing strategies focusing on brand creation, hygiene and Behavior change focused marketing activities, trade marketing, and consumer sales system at the multi-district level. This commercial scale-up is expected to generate enough business and sales data to attract a national distributor with the likes of giant FMCG brands in Bangladesh with a national scale retail coverage. 

Once we have a national distributor in Bangladesh, we will begin International expansion in India, Nepal, Kenya, Indonesia, and Vietnam. We will replicate the same success process in developing the retail based business model in each new SE Asian and African country, partnering with in-country local or International FMCG corporates as potential master distributors for business to business expansion in the respective countries.

B2B through FMCG Distributors to Create Impact at scale

Leveraging grocery stores for business and impact at scale

Business at scale by 2032

$976 Million +

Expected Gross Revenues

3 Million +

Stores in South Asia

12,000 Million +

Unit sales

Impact at scale by 2032

130 Million +

Beneficiaries with improved health

7k Lives +

Prevent Deaths and DALYs

$85 million +

Reduce economic burden

B2B to Consumer Goods Brands

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